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 [creative solutionist]

I'm a classically trained musician who has spent his entire adult life pursuing America's greatest art form - Jazz.  With my music, audio and business degrees, I work internationally as a wireless executive and a performing artist.  I also have an extensive background in audio/video production, consumer electronics and telecommunications. I passionately follow the evolution of traditional business models and how they apply to the Internet-of-Things.  Currently, I'm Associate Director of the Americas at Iridium Satellite.  In this role, I'm focused on providing global connectivity in the air, on the sea - or on the ground.  I'm permanently based in Charleston, SC, USA and am very Blessed with a beautiful wife and three wonderful children...and feel lucky that both my parents live here (and I have the world's sweetest Aussiedor and a lively hypoallergenic Siberian cat.)

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